A little about me!

Hello friends, I’m Alexis!

I’ve been taking photos ever since I was 14 and have wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember. I have a dog named Paco, who is the cutest pug ever.  I really enjoy going to cafes and drinking astronomically priced beverages – this is how the editing work flow commences!! Aside from work, one of my favourite pastimes is watching Gordon Ramsay compilations on YouTube and hearing ‘IT’S FOOKIN RAWW’ or watch him shame chefs into thinking they prepared literal dirt for a meal. Most importantly, I love travelling and have withered away in my home while dreaming of a day I can go to Fiji or Greece (Fiji weddings HMU)

Wedding photography specifically is something so special to me. There is seriously nothing cooler than getting to experience one of the best days of someone’s life and being trusted to document it for them. Not to mention, you are able to see the confidence in people’s faces knowing you look DAMN good and want everyone to see it – which makes my job easy! 

I strive to take meaningful candid photos that really capture emotion and the love two people share for each other. I will take the extra steps and time to make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout your shoot, whether it’s a wedding, engagement, or a good ol’ just cause!